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DIY or Professional Auto Glass Repair

There are many reasons why you need an auto glass repair or replacement. There could be a little rock that flew to your windshield while you’re driving, or maybe your neighbor’s kid accidentally hit a baseball to your car window, or perhaps you got into an accident that damage the auto glass. Whatever the reason is, you need to get it fixed immediately because it relates a lot with your safety while driving.Auto Glass Repair

You have multiple options if you want to repair your auto glass, either you go to an auto glass repair shop to get a professional help, or you can do it yourself by using the auto glass repair kit.

DIY Auto Glass Repair

Some people prefer to buy a DIY (do it yourself) auto glass repair kit and and do the window or windshield repair themselves rather than hiring a professional in order to save money. When compared to a professional auto glass repair, DIY repair is obviously cheaper. DIY auto glass repair kit only costs about $10 and it comes complete with instructions.

If you decide to do the auto glass repair yourself, you must be sure that you really know what you’re doing. Search for information regarding the particular repair project that you’re about to do, the internet would be a good place to start. When you’re visiting the auto glass and mirrors store to buy the DIY kit, also ask the sales representative, usually they can give you a lot of information about the reparation procedures using the kit.

Just remember, auto glass is a vital part of your vehicle that relates a lot with your safety, so you better be sure about what you’re doing. Auto glass should be repaired appropriately according to the safety standards, otherwise you might just risk your own life and everybody else’s in the vehicle.

Professional Auto Glass Repair

Hiring a professional for your windshield repair is a much practical solution. You simply need to take your car to a local auto glass repair shop and let the professional do the job for you. But obviously it will cost you more money compared with doing it yourself. The good thing is you know that the job will be perfectly executed and you can expect the result that meets all the safety standards.

Furthermore if you think about it, the difference between the cost of buying a DIY auto glass repair kit and to hire a professional is not that far apart. Usually the cost of auto glass repair in an auto glass repair shop is around $60-$70. Of course it’s 2-3 times more expensive than buying a DIY kit but $20-$30 is not really that expensive. Remember when you buy a DIY kit you also need to do the work yourself, so that’s $10 + work. Professional repairmen are certified individuals that understand the job completely and they can make sure that the auto glass on your vehicle is properly installed and fixed.