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What Information Does An Auto Glass Repair Shop Need From You

One of your car’s side windows just sustained a direct hit and now needs to be replaced. You are ready to take it to an auto glass repair shop and get it replaced, but what information should you keep on your person as you are heading out? Here are some of the things that any good auto glass technician will require from you before they get to work…

Auto Glass Repair

The Vehicle’s Make, Model and Year of Manufacture: Now of course you know this already, but just to be on the safe side, do double-check with your vehicle’s manual; better yet take all the documentation’s with you.

Specific Auto Glass Features: This can include everything from the tint of a glass to any rain sensors which might be installed on them. Auto glasses have special features such as shade bands which are a 5-6 inch tinted area at the top of a windshield. Shade bands are designed to protect your eyes from the sun and also the seal from deteriorating because of the sun’s UV rays. Other features may include rain sensors or radio antennae which may be installed in your vehicle’s windshield glass. The best way to find out the exact nature of your vehicle’s glass is to call up your dealership and ask them for it, they will require your Vehicle Identification Number in order to give you the information though.

Insurance Information: Most auto glass repair shops will help you file a claim with your insurance providers and will also take care of the paper work for you. If you have a full insurance coverage for your vehicle than any auto glass repair or replacement will be covered by it as well. Information required here will include the name of your insurance provider, your policy number and the date when the damage occurred.

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