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Windshield Repair

Windshield repair is an easy and cost-effective way to get it back up without needing costly replacement. Our certified repair specialists are adept at repairing anything from a chip to a nick or a crack that is 6 inches long and can repair your windshield within 30 minutes or less. Our high quality windshield repair in Richardson will restore the integrity of the glass and prevent the damage from spreading as well while making it less noticeable.

The Nature of Windshield Repair DamageWindshield Repair

Most of these easily repairable damages occur when a small rock or pebble hits the windshield causing a “bulls-eye” like concentric damage or small cracks. Windshields are designed keeping ballistics in mind and are made by sandwiching a layer of vinyl between two layers of glass, the damage, thus can only occur on the first layer, unless the windshield is totally broken. As a windshield gets damaged, the damaged glass remains in place thanks to the vinyl beneath it which also prevents serious injury to the passengers.

How We Repair Windshield Damagewindshield repair

Richardson Glass utilizes the best in windshield repair technology to ensure that the damage is repaired quickly and permanently. We can repair chips and cracks that are up to half a dollar in size; this is done by removing the air which gets locked into the damaged area and replacing it with a special resin. This resin holds the damaged pieces of the glass together while also ensuring good visibility. We guarantee that the repairs that we implement will not turn cloudy or yellowish over the years. 

Remember! Damaged glass on your windshield is susceptible to dirt and contaminants which can embed themselves into the damaged area making it harder to clean. If you have a broken windshield, we recommend you let our certified repair experts repair it immediately!

Quality Service + Quality Material = Permanent Results!

Richardson Glass takes great pride in the work that it executes. To ensure that every customer who walks out our door does so with complete confidence, our repair specialists have to go through extensive classroom as well as hands on training on glass repair. Their expertise when paired with the best tools available in the market and the finest repair material means that not only are the repairs we make to your windshield permanent, but they are also executed quickly.

In fact our windshield repair warranty lasts as long as you own the vehicle, so if our repairs ever fail, Richardson Glass will gladly apply the costs of the repair to a windshield purchased from us.